Hi!  Welcome to Flicker&Fleur, an online boutique carrying beautiful Agnes&Dora styles.  I'm Taryn and you have found my corner of the Internet! Grab a comfy seat and a delicious beverage and let's get started. www.shoptaryn.com

Agnes&Dora clothing is comfortable, stylish, timeless, trendy, versatile...I could go on and on. From the moment I put on my first Swing Tunic, I was hooked.  And now I love to give other women a chance to fall in love with both the clothes and the way they look in them.  Feel free to shop this site if you know what you're looking for (I hate hovering salespeople, don't you?) but if you would like some help, I love to assist with sizing questions and styling needs! Come on over to my business page and message me to schedule a personal consultation, discuss ordering a Style Box (a kit of styles, patterns, and colors cultivated just for you!), or check out my community for new friends, fun games, and fabulous fashion!

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